An inversion is a word or name written so it reads in more than one way. For instance, the word Inversions above is my name upside down. Douglas Hofstadter coined ambigram as the generic word for inversions. I drew my first inversion in 1975 in an art class, wrote a book called Inversions in 1981, and am now doing animated inversions.

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CLASSROOM GALLERIES of inversions by students

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July 2013


INVERSIONS GALLERY (asterisked designs * are animated)
Tron Ambigram for the landmark Disney film
Joy to the World * New Years best wishes

Math Magic

* Instructional video/book

David Blaine

* Street magician

Gathering for Gardner 5

* Event for Martin Gardner fans
John Maeda * Digital artist
Termes * Paints environments on spheres
Happy New Year 2001 * From all the Kims
Synergy The whole > the sum of its parts
Figure * Interlocking figure and ground
Robert-Houdin 19th century French magician
J.S. Bach Tribute to the great composer
Whitney * Computer animation pioneer
Scott Kim * My name as an inversion
Tessellating Alphabet * Letters that tile the plane
Slow / Fast * Animated metamorphosis
Meir Yedid Sleight of finger magician
Montgomery Dance performance location
Mozart Tribute to the compose
Evan & Becky Names for a wedding
Superteacher For Key Curriculum Press
Ultima Online fantasy role-playing game
Terry Sejnowski Computational neurobiologist
Stanford My alma mater
Fantasy A mirror word
David/Calma. * For my uncle and aunt
MetaSquares Computer game
Origami Bilingual English/Japanese
Origami * Design with mirror symmetry
Elise Esther Diamond Bilingual Hebrew/English
Jimmy Stewart Tribute to the beloved actor
Nueva Private school in northern California
Teach/Learn * For the Apple Multimedia Lab
Brianna, Jordan Two first names
Egyptian Theater in Ogden Utah
Infinity Circle From my book Inversions
Computer Game Developers Conference Logo
Ventura Dance performance location
Lester Kim For my father's 70th birthday
San Luis Obispo City where I performed
Marimba Inspired by a musical performance
Not Knot Animated title for math video
Dance Created at Princeton University
Mathematics For the Alabama School of Fine Art
Bach / Faure One composer becomes the other
America Online Internet online service
Rocket Science * Computer game company
John Warnock * Creator of PostScript
XYZ * Rotating 3-d form from three views
Tree * Zooming into an infinite fractal
Tomoko Fuse Master of unit origami.
Martin Gardner Popular mathematics author
Inversions / Scott Kim My signature piece
Computer Graphics Title for a videodisk set
PDI * Animation for Pacific Data images
Onomatopoeia Improvised for MathCounts
Ned Kahn * Artist who works with fluid flow
Solomon Golomb Inventor of pentaminoes
Input/Output * Graphics in, graphics out

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