John Warnock Animation, 1996

Animated by David Spivack, in Adobe After Effects, for video Watch Your Language, shown at Siggraph '96.
When I was a graduate student at Stanford University I had the pleasure of working with John Warnock at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. I was interested in computers and graphic design, and John's page description language JaM (for authors John Warnock and Martin Newell, who created JaM before Xerox at University of Utah) was just my cup of tea. I produced many designs in JaM, including my book Inversions and the Silicon Graphics logo. John even wrote me some special transformations for mapping designs onto spirals and spheres.
JaM became the basis of Xerox's internal page description language Interpress, but as with so many inventions from Xerox PARC, they refused to take full advantage of it. So John, along with Chuck Geschke, left Xerox and founded Adobe Systems, where JaM developed into PostScript. PostScript, along with the Apple LaserWriter and Aldus PageMaker, went on to become an industry standard and revolutionize the graphic arts industry. The ultimate irony is that now Xerox has to support PostScript.

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