Teacher Resources for Inversions

Feel free to print and distribute these in your classroom.

Here are classroom activities based on Inversions, appropriate for 3rd through 12th grade, for teaching symmetry, art, geometry, language arts, and creative thinking.. Drop me an email telling me what you did in your class and how it went, and I'll add it to the teacher comments at the end of each activity.

HALF WORDS An intriguing and challenging warmup exercise that is an excellent way to get kids excited about symmetry. Each student gets one copy of the handout.
Handout. Teacher notes.

MIRROR DRAWING An exciting two-person drawing game that makes a good introduction to concepts of symmetry.
Handout. Teacher notes.

INVERSIONS NAMES An intriguing design with 26 first names, one for each letter of the alphabet, each an inversion. A good way to introduce rotational and reflective symmetry, as well as different lettering styles.
Handout. Teacher notes.

CLASSROOM INVERSIONS GALLERY. Have your students create their own inversions, then display their work in an online gallery.


Symmetrical Alphabet Ambigram poster.

Teach/Learn poster. Small 20"x16", Large 35"x23"

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