NewMedia Puzzler
By Scott Kim
The Puzzler is a monthly interactive Flash puzzle, updated the last Friday of the month on Some of the puzzles include jigsaw puzzles based on interesting web sites, a puzzle about adding colors, and a random technical jargon generator. Built in Flash, the puzzles are meant to be both fun and educational. The puzzler covers a wide range of digital media topics, including sound, graphics, 3-d modeling, interaction, motion and programming.

Tricky maze: move three things at once to reach their home squares.
Get Connected
Rearrange the wires to get everyone connected to the internet.
Mondo Jigsaw
Enjoy Mondo Media’s whacky visual style as you unscramble this image from The God and Devil Show, now featured on the Entertaindom web site.
Color Me RGB
Test your eye for color. What do you get if you mix two colors?
Just My Type
Sharpen your eye for letterforms by matching each closeup snapshot with the letter it came from.
Random Jargon
Baffle your customers and bamboozle your investors with impressive nonsense.
Tangled Tale
Follow the links from page to page to untangle the tangled tale about the web that Tim built.

Corrections to the
NewMedia Puzzle Workout Book

Puzzles from 1990 to 1994 appear in my book NewMedia Magazine Puzzle Workout, published by Random House, now out of print. If you have the book you may have noticed that the answers for the last two puzzles were accidentally left out. You'll find the missing answers listed below.

Page 102 It Takes All Sorts

Answer: 4. 23; 5. 425; 6. 523; 7. 6524 or 6542; 8. 3426 or 3462

Page 104 Buzzword Rebus

Answer: 1. Nintendo; 2. Multimedia; 3. 3-D Modeling; 4. Letter Boxed; 5. Color Cycling; 6. Hi-8; 7. Low Resolution; 8. Hypertext; 9. High Angle Shot; 10. Pong; 11. Surface of Revolution; 12. Backwards Compatible; 13. Kilobyte; 14. Video Toaster; 15. Digital Audio; 16. Mouse Up

NewMedia readers found many creative answers for this puzzle. Color cycling prompted the most alternate answers, including color override and color wheel.

Copyright 1996 Scott Kim.
Do not republish without permission.