Puzzlers Tribute
Dozens of essays by mathematicians, magicians and puzzle people inspired by science writer Martin Gardner. I contributed a chapter that shows inversions I have created on the names of mathematicians, magicians and puzzle people.
Galactic Takeover, Rodent Roundup, Dino Dodg'em
Three different 2-player strategy games from Binary Arts. For ages 8 and up. Quick to play, simple rules, plus a web site that teaches you the subtle mathematical strategies behind the games.
Arrange 20 strips to make striking black and white patterns and solve puzzles. Print a copy and play it now! Or buy the laser-cut acrylic version.
The Next Tetris
(Playstation, PC)
I designed a series of puzzles for this ingenious new twist on the classic game of falling blocks. The puzzles teach strategies you need to play the game well.
Pit Droids
A whacky Lemmings-like action puzzle game featuring Star Wars: Episode 1 characters.
Stagecast Creator
(Mac, PC)
I wrote a chapter on how to build a puzzle game for this kid's programming environment that crosses Logo and KidPix. Creator is one of the richest software learning experiences you can give a kid.
Railroad Rush Hour
You're the engineer. Slide the trains to escape gridlock! For ages 8 and up. 50 challenge cards, carrying bag.
Charlie Blast's Territory
(Nintendo 64)
Arrange the bombs to set off a chain reaction. 60 mind-bending puzzles, plus a multiplayer game.
I designed puzzles for this ambitious Myst-like graphic adventure game from SegaSoft.
A book of my original symmetrical lettering designs. Now back in print, with special reproducible handouts for art and math teachers.
Heaven & Earth
(Mac, PC)
Meditative game featuring over 600 of my puzzles. Now out of print. Lost the passwords? Lost the documentation? Check here.

Copyright 2001 Scott Kim. All rights reserved.