Notes from talks at the 2001 Game Developers Conference

At the 2001 GDC I two talks: “Building Web Games in Flash,” as part of an all-day tutorial on Shockwave and Flash, hosted by Gary Rosenzweig (Clevermedia), and an hour-long lecture called “Designing Web Games that make Business Sense.” Here are the slides from the two presentations, plus a written paper from the conference proceedings.
     My interests this year are moving toward daily and weekly puzzles for the web, games for nongame web sites, and games for portable devices such as Palm, PocketPC and cell phones.


Building Web Games in Flash
(PowerPoint slides).
From a talk in Gary Rosenzweig's tutorial on Shockwave and Flash. Describes programming techniques I used to build the game Win Win for the web site mentalworkout.com. You need PowerPoint or the PowerPoint viewer, to view the slides.

Designing Web Games that make Business Sense
(PowerPoint slides, Paper).
Advice to developers who want to build games to attract customers or otherwise serve web sites that have nothing to do with games. You need PowerPoint or the PowerPoint viewer, to view the slides.The slides of this talk are more complete and up to date than the paper.


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