Designing Puzzle Games / CGDC Seattle

Notes on a Talk by Scott Kim
At the Seattle Convention Center
Sponsored by the Computer Game Developers Conference
November 3, 1997


CGDC held its third local event on Nov 3, 1997 at the Seattle Convention Center. (The first was held in San Francisco, the second in Washington D.C.) The organizers had originally expected about 200 people for the all-day event and instead got about 600. There were eight talks and nine roundtables on a wide variety of topics.

Session Summary

I shared my session with Alexey Pajitnov, designer of the all-time best-selling puzzle game Tetris (over 40 million sales), who has been at Microsoft for the last year and a half. Alexey opened by talking about how he designed his most recent products: The Puzzle Collection, a CD-ROM of ten original action puzzle games, and Mind Aerobics, a show on the Microsoft Network that just launched Nov 4, featuring nine new puzzles every day.

I talked about how I designed two of my most recent puzzles: one from Obsidian, a CD-ROM graphic adventure game from Segasoft, and one from Heaven & Earth, a collection of puzzles and games originally published by Buena Vista Software. Then I went through the six steps in designing a puzzle, and talked about trends for the future of puzzle games.

Here is a complete set of my slides from the talk. If you did not actually see my talk, some of the slides will not make too much sense, since they do not include what I said about each slide. In the future I hope to add my comments, and change the slides to black on white so they print better


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The Story of Heaven & Earth

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