Scott Kim
Puzzlemaster •
phone (650) 728-8582 • fax (650) 728-8583
PO Box 2499, El Granada CA 94018

What I do
Since 1990 I have been a full-time independent designer of visual puzzles and games for the web, computer games, magazines and toys. My puzzles are in the spirit of Tetris and M.C. Escher — visually stimulating, thought provoking, broadly appealing, and highly original. I have created hundreds of puzzles for magazines, and thousands for computer games. I am especially interested in daily, weekly and monthly puzzles for the web and portable devices.

What I don't do
Crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, trivia games, action games. I do design multi-player games, but single-player puzzles are my specialty.

What I can do for you

  • Design puzzles for your console or computer game.
  • Consult on improving puzzles, or recommending puzzle directions for your project.
  • Write monthy puzzles for your magazine, tuned to the interests of your readers.
  • Build weekly puzzles for your web site that will help you attract repeat customers.
  • Tailor puzzles to your marketing or ad campaign that deliver your message in an entertaining way.
  • Create teaching games for education or corporate training.

How I work
I start by understanding your business goals and practical concerns. Who is your audience? What result should your game accomplish? What are your budget and technical constraints?
     I then produce mockups of several possible games. Once we have chosen a direction, I write a detailed game design document specifying how the game is to be built. I can work either with your in-house production staff, or provide complete production services through my network of associates. Sometimes I build games from scratch; often it is easier and less expensive to customize one of my existing games.
     Throughout the production process I work closely with programmers and artists to monitor progress and resolve questions. I participate in testing sessions. For web games, I participate in ongoing fine-tuning and maintenance.

My background
My background includes work in graphic design, user interface design, programming and mathematics education. My colleagues include leading puzzle designers around the world, computer puzzle game designers, and mathematics educators. I talk frequently at game design and mathematics education conferences. I have written two books: Inversions, and The NewMedia Puzzle Workout. I have a BA in music and a PhD in Computers and Graphic Design from Stanford University.


Samples of my work
(click images below to enlarge them)
Web Puzzles Mental Workout
8 Flash puzzles for ad campaign
Obsidian Web Puzzles
12 Shockwave puzzles
Double Maze
Shockwave game with 12 levels

Online Games Jeopardy Online
(Sony Interactive)
Online version of the TV show
Mind Aerobics
(Internet Gaming Zone)
Daily puzzle collection
(MetaCreations / AOL)
Original 2-player board game

Computer Games Obsidian
Myst-like graphic adventure
Heaven & Earth
(Buena Vista / Disney)
Over 600 visual puzzles
Escher Interactive
(Harry Abrams)
Puzzles based on Escher’s art

Consoles Games and Toys The Next Tetris
(Hasbro Interactive, Playstation)
New version of classic game
Railroad Rush Hour
(Binary Arts)
Puzzle toy with toy trains
Charlie Blast’s Territory
(Kemco, Nintendo 64)
3D action puzzle game

Education and Kids Pit Droids
(Lucas Learning)
Educational puzzle game
Scott Kim’s Puzzle Box
Monthly Shockwave puzzles
For college engineering students

Magazines and Books Discover Magazine
Monthly puzzle column
Book of my lettering art
NewMedia Puzzle Workout
Book of my magazine puzzles